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Walk This Way​


Dog Walking 

A active dog is a happy dog! Walks aren't just for those high energy pups but also for the dogs with high anxiety, separation anxiety, boredom, no access to a yard when your at work and so many more reasons why walks are great for many types of dogs. Dogs on average should be walking at least 30 minutes a day to 2 hours a day for some dogs! ( this is established at meet & greet)  Benefits to walking regularly are weight control, joint health, and helps their digestive/ urinary health!  Regular walks help maintain a healthy weight for your pup. As dogs age their joints can stiffen, exercise helps keep them loose and limber! Limber enough to mark their spot! Peeing around the neighborhood isn't just for their health but to communicate! We do ask for a 2 hour arrival time frame if your dog has no access to outside while your away. (i.e. 7-9, 9-11, 12:30-2:30) All walks are given in your neighborhood and we do not offer pack walks.


Pet Sitting

If you're planning that trip you've been waiting for or you've returned back to work Walk This Way will come to your home for a length of time you pick depending on what you need done during the visit. We love to take our time to care for your pets, in making sure they get their food, fresh water, play time/TLC and walks if desired, and of course love!!! Also, we do clean up! Poop/liter and cage maintenance, and we provide the look alive feel (blind/light rotation, mail/paper retrieval, garbage cans out/in, water plants etc.) When you're deciding on visit length chose according to what you will need to be done. (i.e., walk, feeding, play, home features etc.) If there's ever something else that's not listed, please feel free to ask if it can be added. Were here to help you and your pets in the best and safest way possible. 



Overnights need to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to insure availability. 


We also offer boarding in the home of Walk This Way's owner Stephanie Cherrie.


Dog Park Trips

Park trips gives your dog a new kind of adventure. While you're at work instead of having your fur baby sit in a locked crate or house have us come pick them up and head to Hart Park or The Park at River Walk for an hour of walking and play on our 15-foot leash! Your pup will love you after scheduling him/her a trip where he/she gets to run "free" through the park sniffing every squirrel hole and chasseing after butterfly's and birds. (of course, not catching them! lol) 


Pet Taxi

Does your pet have a vet appointment, grooming appointment, etc. We come pick them up and take them where they need to go! Quote will be given at meet and greet. 


Waste Removel 

Did your back yard get out of hand and you just want to enjoy your yard again with out the smell of poop coming across your nose!? We will come out and pick it up for you!  Quote will be given over phone or in person at meet and greet.


Service Prices


All prices are priced up to two pets, additional pets will be $3 each

Families in law enforcement get 10% off on ALL services

If you don't see a service that you're looking for please call, we are more than happy to do our best to accommodate you and your family. We do offer boarding, please call for info and pricing. Call for all other pricing that is not listed.




30 Minutes


1 Hour

Dog Walking Bundle

(call for price)


1 month wort​h of walks (20) This bundle gives you more then 3 free walks!!! All walks are 30 minutes or 1 hour.


Pet Sitting 


30 Minutes

       Pet Sitting Bundle

          (call for price)






1 Hour


Park Trips

1 hour session








    Park Trip Bundle

      (call for price) 




A month worth of park trips (10 trips) Drive time is included and never more then 10 minutes both ways are spent traveling.  ​


Hi! My names Stephanie Cherrie!

I'm  so happy you are here, and your pets will be too! In the picture with me is one of my clients' dogs Shadow. 


Starting Walk This Way for me was one of the hardest things I've ever done besides having a kid young and finishing high school early, it was a priority to me and my son. I worked numerous of jobs with all types of dogs and other pets including horses, reptiles, cats, birds, fish, and so many more! I saw i needed to make a living on my own doing what i love to show my son you can do anything you love for the ones you love and make a living doing it. So, I opened Walk This Way.

I have 15+ years' experience. I still love to learn as much as I can to help other pets and their parents give them the best life to their fur babies as possible, because fur babies are just as important as human babies! I've always been "that girl" who's obsessed with dogs, my dream job growing up was to be a cop dog!

Well turns out you cant do that (LOL) I always new id live a life full of dogs and I've met the best of friends along the way. Every pet I've cared for I've treated as my own like every animal should be treated! If your thinking I'm a crazy dog lady now just wait! : ) 

A little more about me and my family, I have two amazing kids, a boy who's an amazing athlete at the age of 13! & Already attracting all those ladies! And I have a beautiful animal loving mini me daughter who's 5 and just started losing her teeth!  I also have my fur babies! Bonnie is my oldest and most dearest little thing, Shes a German Sheperd with a little spunk still left in her old age of 11! Then there's Lapua 3 years old, Shes a Husky/German Shepard mix and loves a lad back kind of buddy. Enzo is my crazy puppy only a year old German Shepard who loves to give kisses and tear through your garbage! My biggest boy and right hand man is my two year old Belgian Malinois Cairo! When they say don't get a Maligator if you don't know the breed, their right! I rescued Cairo from a family who didn't know what they were getting into and now since being here with us he has become a loyal protective sweet boy and is no longer trying to eat everyone! LOL

 I also love pickles, Scentsy and fishing!

On my days off I like to spend them with my family and dogs normally hanging out somewhere outdoors! : )  


What I love most about my job is the bonds I crate with your pets and your families! 

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